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Who or what is MasElenco?

Since you are already reading this then you presumably know that it has something to do with music and we will come to that…..other than that and as to the name itself, well, if you are reading this in English you will probably be aware that MAS is the Spanish word for ‘more’ and also my initials (Michael Anton Scott) while Elenco (the word means ‘audience’ encompasses the first four letters of my partner’s name ‘Elendil’ ( and yes, the name is that of a character from Tolkiens ‘Lord of the Rings’ in case you were interested), so that pretty much explains that…..I hope.


MAS ELENCO is primarily about music – specifically the recording and promotion of music through the auspices of our COSTA FREE recording facilities based in Estepona and our own MasElenco youtube site; in tandem we also book and promote live artists at venues all along the coast (from Algeciras to Almeria and beyond) and inland, as well as offering a full management service to those of our artists who require it.


Each artist or band represented by MasElenco will have their own dedicated page on this website where you will be able to read about and listen to their own brand of music…..MasElenco are by no means confined by genre….we have pop, rock and blues musicians on our books as well as those from the world of jazz and even the classics….indeed there is even a page specifically dedicated to the world of theatre; as regards logistics (ie the size and makeup of the various acts) we think you will find on our books something for every type of venue, from the smallest bar to the Marbella Exposition Hall (seating 20,000) – we represent solo acts (Marcus Myers), duos (Midnite, Red Shoes) all the way through to 7 and 8 piece bands (Habitual Records with 7 musicians and Sirens, a UK based outfit who feature up to 12, with a full brass section, depending on the event and facilities available).


There are some who may say that to form a new company in the midst of the worst recession to effect Spain and the rest of Europe since the 1930s is nothing short of madness….however, as you might expect, we beg to differ….MasElenco may be a new name on the coast but the founders and co-directors, Elendil and Mike Scott (MAS) have both been involved in one part or another of the music business for a combined total of over 50 years between them; Elendil, Spanish and a native of Estepona started Costa Free, originally as a newspaper and magazine distribution company some 28 years ago – during that period it has grown into a company which for the rental of sound and light equipment along with the expected technical expertise has no par on the coast.


Costa Free also has a dedicated, state of the art 24 track recording studio offering the best recording and production facilities available south of Madrid – there we record everything from voice-overs and radio idents to fully finished and produced music in digital form. If you are a bar owner, entertainments manager or run a chiringuito then consider this: yes, it does cost money to put on live music and, as in many other area of life you get what you pay for – however it is a well documented fact that whether in a large hotel or any smaller venue, a quality live act of proven ability (and MasElenco sign only the best) will bring people into your establishment as no other ‘gimmick’ (and I use that word advisedly) can – they will come earlier, stay longer and buy more food and drink when there is quality live music on offer…….as we like to say at the offices of MasElenco: “MUSIC FOR EVERYONE!”


Elendil Diez


is Sound-Audiovisual technician and Piano Tuner for recording studios and live concerts.
In 1979, he started a Creative Music project with Carlos Salcedo “Usul” based on the music of The Lord of the Rings. Produced in the “Magic Sound Recording Studio” it was founded and financed with the Feder Funds from the European Community Cooperative Society for music Research.During this time he also recorded and produced the musical group ELIXIR (Rock Symphony in English and Spanish) which has a double bass.

The expansion of this artistic activity in 1986 led to the creation of “COSTAFREE” which offers groups, productions, live music, audiovisual equipment rental, piano tuning and repair, plus we organize numerous celebrations: parties and concerts at various venues on the Costa del Sol, Malaga.


 Michael Anton Scott


is a writer, broadcaster and musical entrepreneur who has been operating on and around the southern coast of Spain for over 25years…..for further biographical information please visit my Facebook page.


 ‘Elisa Schonfrucht’ – Media Editor




Elisa is franco-south african and passionate about music. She lived mainly in Paris and Cape Town and has now hit Barcelona! She’s in charge of the website’s content and updating and keen to bring all exiting info to Maselenco’s followers.


‘Mark Colley’ – Technical Director

Mark is an IT professional with experience with all aspects of technology and had ran several very successful computer related businesses before moving to Spain to continue in new areas of IT here on the ‘Costa’  whilst enjoying the sun.

You can catch Mark entertaining the crowds with his Acoustic guitar at local venues and joining in the experience that is BIAGRA from time to time.



The Flying Vultures

…..and finally (as they say) back to our roots in a manner of speaking….2012 marks 25 years since Spains greatest three piece Anglo-Spanish rock band, THE FLYING VULTURES (LOS BUITRES VOLADORES) strutted their stuff……


Tina Turner


Michael Jackson

those few of you who were around in those heady days will remember that THE VULTURES supported TINA TURNER, then one of the world’s biggest stars at the Marbella Football Stadium (where MICHAEL JACKSON famously played in 1989, the smallest venue on his worldwide BAD tour)…

manager of the VULTURES during those years (1986-1990) was one Mike Scott and head roadie/soundtechnician was Elendil Diez… thus were sown the seeds of what, 25 years on was to become MASELENCO. Sadly, both Mike Connolly, lead guitar and vocals and the powerhouse drummer known only as ‘Baron’ have gone on to the great Rock’n Roll gig in the sky but bass player and songwriter David Williams was last heard of living in Madrid…..we hope to be posting some original video footage of THE VULTURES in their hey day on this site soon…



Magic Sound’s Azul, Elendil and Voltures drummer The Baron – pictured after a concert c.1986

Maselenco Youtube


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Imortant Info

In case you are all wondering just when Mike is ‘going on his travels’ he has indeed already gone and returned – unfortunately the promo piece has been frozen leading to some misconceptions (see main story). However, we are pleased to be able to tell you that the remaining parts of Mikes travelogue covering his time in northern India from September to December last year will appear, on the blog page, in parts (1 & 2a have already been posted) accompanied by full illustrations, photo-montage etc. Mike did not, in fact, as promoted, ‘travel up the Ganges’ – in fact he based himself in New Delhi (see Pt.1) from where he headed out on various journeys to, amongst other places, Kashmir, Jaipur, Pushkar (Rajahstan) and Dharamsala via Simla. Follow Mike’s journey written in his usual acerbic style by visiting the blog page (wait!..not quite yet) and as a bonus read his fascinating story of the Royal Enfield Co. In India (thats a bike, by the way in case you’re a girl or not a petrol head.....sorry, ladies!! You won’t want to miss this incredible diary!
MAS 2015

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